Supported Living Bowling

Our Core Values

The Edmund Trust believes in (our core values):

  •        being user led
  •       treating everybody equally – with dignity and respect
  •       encouraging innovation
  •       quality and continuity
  •       transforming lives

What this means in Practice

 User led Those who choose to use our services, their families and carers, our staff, volunteers, partners and other stakeholders determine and drive all we do.

 Equality and Diversity Those who use our services, our staff and our volunteers are empowered to make decisions that affect their lives and work; they are consulted about the best ways of working and about change.   We treat everybody equally, fairly and with respect.

InnovationWe encourage innovation, creativity and flexibility; we are prepared to take risks in responding to opportunities that achieve our vision and mission and deliver services that respond to service user needs.

Quality and Continuity We set ourselves high standards and make a commitment to providing continuity of support and services to benefit our service users.

Transforming Lives  We seek to make a difference to people’s lives – for service users and their families, this means improving their life experience for the better, for our staff it means investing in each individual to realise their potential and achieve their very best.

We have developed a set of Competencies to support our Core Values which communicate clear expectations to our staff and volunteers about:

  • How they should do things
  • How they should treat others
  • How they should expect to be treated

Please click here for the Competency Framework