The Edmund Trust are delighted to host Summer in the Forest – Thursday 6 July 2017

The Edmund Trust are delighted to announce that our Chair of Trustees, Dr Derek Ford will be hosting alongside Dan Smith from Lyn’s House a Q& A session with director of Summer in the Forest, Randall Wright at the following event this Thursday 6 July (6pm) at the Cambridge Arts Picture House.


Summer in the Forest


Summer in the Forest is a new feature length documentary from Randall Wright and is a story about our search for love and true friendship. And in a remarkable reversal of conventional wisdom it shows that the answers we crave can be found among some of our most marginalised people.

The film follows Philippe, Michel, Andre and Patrick, who were once locked away and forgotten in asylums. In the 1960s a young philosopher, Jean Vanier, took a stand, secured their release and set-up a community for them all to live together. Jean Vanier changed forever the way we understand intellectual and learning disabilities and went on to set up further similar communities worldwide – places where people with and without learning disabilities share life together.

Summer in the Forest invites us to abandon the rat race and forge new friendships. Amid the ancient trees, Philippe, Patrick, Jean and the others welcome us into their lives. If there are rules to break, they will be broken and if there is a truth to be told, they will tell it. Michel wants to share with us his war torn past, Andre is desperate for a date, and young David will prove himself a hero in the fight against the forces of evil.

All screenings across the country of Summer in the Forest can be found here: along with the film’s trailer.

The film has received some very favourable reviews, including

“Above all, a peaceful vision…” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“The film could not be more timely.” Cristina Odone, The Telegraph

“Viewing should be compulsory.” Daily Mail

“Breathtakingly beautiful.” Christina Patterson, The Guardian

“Tender-hearted… exceptionally moving.” Sight & Sound

“Revolutionary … a tender-hearted documentary.” Daily Express